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Whether you wish to build your own dream house or develop a commercial investment opportunity, RESTYLE can assist you in all facets of your project.
We will develop a concept for your vision and a plan that will work for you. From creating a concept and strategy, and hiring the best professional services for your needs, to executing the project and supervising all phases of the development on your behalf, RESTYLE will ensure that your interest will be represented with the care that you expect.
Our experience in design, aesthetics and quality control will ensure that your project will get the personal attention and professional guidance to guarantee a timely delivery of your investment.

RESTYLE’s team will be there for you from early planning stages to final landscaping touches and interior design requirements.


In the first phase of your project, RESTYLE will help you to conceptualize your plans and needs. Whether you are looking to a remodel an old structure, build a new home or seek that perfect investment opportunity, RESTYLE will seek out the right property for you and formalize a plan and proposal.
We will meet with Town officials, do preliminary research and testing and propose a schematic design.

• Scouting and Research
• Analysis and Economics
• Strategy and Initiation
• Comprehensive Planning
• Cost Feasibility


In the design phase of your project RESTYLE will assist you to seek out all the professional services that will be required to bring your project to completion.
We will meet with architects and engineers to design your project, seek out materials suited to your needs and create a timeline that will meet your schedule and budget.
RESTYLE has a network of fantastic builders and craftsmen to its disposal.

• Pre-Construction Engineering
• Architectural Design
• Construction Budget and Plans
• Scheduling and Timeline
• Contracting and Financing


The final phase of the project will be the development of all the different stages of your project. RESTYLE will supervise all aspects of the development phase and report back to you on a daily basis.
We at RESTYLE take great pride in our quality control and you can rest assured that we will continually monitor the progress of your project to ensure a timely delivery with the quality you expect.

• Site Preparation and Infrastructure
• Construction and Management
• Implementation
• Quality Control and Supervision
• Delivery and Support